Mary Elizabeth Freestone Maughan

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George Freestone

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Richard Carlisle

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Alice Carlisle

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Ann Fall Freestone

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Alice Carlisle

Alice Carlisle is my great, great grandmother. In visiting the Alpine Cemetery in October of 2010, I located the graves for Richard Carlisle and his daughter Alice and her daughter Drucilla, as well as the marker for Thomas Carlisle and Ann Fall. There was a connection to Alice as I cleaned the debris off her headstone atop the hill in the old cemetery. Not knowing much about her I came home and looked up the histories we had on her, and they were all about the same, short.

So I spent the next couple of months obtaining histories on her, her father, her children, Alpine, David Wilkin, etc. and finding pictures on the internet and through other Carlisle relatives. What I am posting it here is the longer history I wrote in a layout done by my daughter. It is here so all of her descendants can learn more about the great woman.

Click on a page to see it enlarged.

For a printable PDF version, click here Alice Carlisle.

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Lucy Augusta Rice Clark

Lucy Augusta Rice is my grandmother’s mother. Lucy was quite a mover and shaker in early Utah. After Utah’s digital newspapers came online, I was amazed at the number of times I found Lucy listed in the Davis County Clipper. So using those entries, the writings of her daughters, and other information I had discovered during 30 or more years of family history research, I wrote the story and my daughter created the finished product to really tell the story of this woman’s amazing life in pioneer Utah.

It is here for all to see and copy.

For a printable PDF version, click here Lucy August Rice Clark.

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